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A message from our owner

First off I am a standup comic. That is what I have been doing the past 21 years and it’s what I love. The rush you get after a performance is something that cannot be described. Unless you have been on a comedy stage I am not sure you will understand this feeling. I love it and I live for it. I started The World Series of Comedy six years ago to help comics get work. People ask all the time what’s it like being a comic. Perform on stage is not our job its the payoff. Our job is trying to get booked and get the work so we can perform. The World Series of Comedy has taken the hard part out and lets a comic just be a comic. The winner of the festival wins 50 weeks of work from comedy clubs all over the USA & Canada. That rushed I talked about after performing well, I get that same rush when I help a comic get work.

I am adding the Las Vegas Pitch Fest as a way to help even more comics. If I get a rush from helping them get on stage I have no idea how I will feel if someone gets a TV show or a movie from this Pitch Fest. It seems like a perfect marriage, I already have close to 200 comics coming to Las Vegas to network with Comedy Club owners and bookers. Why not set it up so they can network with Hollywood industry. While we are encouraging writers to also attend the Las Vegas Pitch Fest we are hoping it turns out to be more standup comedy driven!

Here is a question to the Hollywood industry. Don’t you want a weekend in Las Vegas hearing pitches from a bunch of Standup comics from all over the USA & Canada?

Preparing for the Pitch Fest